Welcome to Sweden and PictureBank, a stock photo collection for Fine Art based solely on photographs taken with 24x36 film and processed into beautiful images for fine Art prints.


This is a carefully selected collection of photographs made on Ilford or Kodak 24x36 color and black and white silver oxide film.


I love photographs taken on silver oxide film in an analogue camera (I use Nikon FA and FE2 with Nikkor lenses). Not having the opportunity to click away a large number of photographs on one motive - as with a digital camera and erase the photos not good - only having 36 possibilities of exposures makes me work in another way, more thoughtful about what I will do with the photograph.

I also love those moments to be surprised by some effects that are not planned and show first when the film is developed. They give the photography some extra edge.



Born 1959, late october.

Selftought photographer and illustrator. Later educated and trained at RMI Berghs School of Communications in Stockholm, Sweden, as art director/illustrator 1982-1984, and then continuing the work at a number of design- and advertising agencies as well as working some years inhouse.

All the time the self owned firm Johan Stiernspetz Design has been the experimental house when working late hours outside the ordinary work. Johan Stiernspetz Design and PictureBank is now the full time work.

A complete CV can be found at LinkedIn.

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After scanning the photographs up to 3000 per cent at 300 dpi (provides a printed size up to 70x100 cm and more) I retouch each photograph to get rid of dust and scratches that may have occurred.

Maybe some effects is added to boast the overall feeling, but that is ordinary darkroom work, now done in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


By performing retouch work on each photo, I'm certain that every single image is ready for the Fine Art printer.

As these photographs are taken with silver oxide film, a beautiful grainy atmosphere will appear in the prints as the grains become larger when the photographs are enlarged to the biggest sizes.


The prints are made on ageproof acid free paper with acid free ageproof inks. If there is a demand, copies can be done on ordinary photopaper as well.


I really hope you will enjoy my work.


Sincerely, Johan Stiernspetz,

photographer and graphic designer